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Brand your business the way you have only dreamed of; a new tagline, brochures, stationary, a jingle or web video

Traditional Advertising.

Radio/Television Commercials Static Billboards Car Wraps Printed Coupons

Digital Coupons.

With mobile technology everywhere, now you can put your coupon in the hands of consumers when they are ready to use them!

Social Media.

Every business in today’s world must have a social footprint. Social Media is the most affordable way for businesses to advertise and get their message out there.

Website Design.

Technology changes so rapidly, make sure your website stays current.

Web Videos.

Bring your branding to a new level with web videos for your social media channels and your website.

Landing Page.

Can’t afford a website? Landing Pages allows your customers and potential customers to find you online without having the expense of a full website designed.

Additional Services.

Think-Tank Advertising Models/Actors/Spokespeople Secret Shoppers Sales Training Marketing Campaigns

Restaurant Placemat.

Display your Full-Color coupons to tens of thousands of consumers for under .023 ea.

About Fusion Advertising


In 2013, Fusion Advertising opened our doors in Las Vegas Nevada. Our very first client was Max’s Restaurant Las Vegas location. We are now working on a couple of national campaigns with their 10 US locations and 4 Canada locations. Family brought us out to Syracuse NY in August 2015, where we quickly gained clients and became the company we are today!


Fusion Advertising is concentrated on what drives the world around us and how people communicate with one another. It is ideas such as this that drives us to see what's next, to see what marketing opportunities work best in different scenarios when our customers want to build their brand. If you want your brand to grow and reach the customers that are looking for exactly what you are offering, it takes an adaptive marketing plan designed by professionals targeting your prime demographic to accomplish this.

Meet the Team

Who we are

Dave Ross

Catelaina Ross
Creative Director

Kristy Lee Witt
Social Media Manager

Syed Umer
Web Developer

Kshitija Karkar
Database Developer

Rahul Shinde
Database Developer

Karley Harmon
Graphics Designer

Jessie Russell
Creative Writer

Daniel Bereza
Website Designer

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